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With strong business growth, Graphia has expanded from originally one floor to now two floors in the same building.

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    • To research and analyse potential consumer behavior in major mixed-use architectural projects;
    • To interpret site information such as architectural design, site environment, brand positioning and other project-specific conditions and requirements as they might influence the consumer experience;
    • To prepare project analysis and related materials for strategy development;
    • To develop strategic solutions for environmental graphics and way-finding signage design projects.

    • A strong interest in built environment, public spaces, user experience and consumer behaviour.
    • Diploma or degree holder; Graphics or Interior or Product Design, architectural studies, art and design knowledge and other related disciplines will be an advantage.
    • Proven innovative and creative problem-solving skills; able to swing between analytical/ logical and lateral thinking.
    • Strong graphic sense and visualization ability and can think three dimensionally.
    • Min. 1 year experience in a related field (signage/ exhibition/ interior/ architectural projects will be also be an advantage).
    • Independent, self-motivated and with a learning attitude.
    • Good command of English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
    • Competence in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Powerpoint preferred.
    • To strategize and design environmental graphics and way-finding signage design projects;
    • To handle strategic place branding and supporting corporate design/ marketing collateral design works.

    • Design diploma or degree in Communication/Information Graphics or Interior Design; other associate art and design knowledge will also be considered;
    • Minimum 2 years working experiences;
    • Architectural/ interior/ environmental graphics and signage or exhibition design working experiences is an advantage;
    • Proven innovative and creative problem-solving skill;
    • Strong graphic sense and visualization/rendering ability and can think three dimensionally;
    • Proficient in Illustrator, CorelDraw and Photoshop; InDesign, Flash, Powerpoint, AutoCAD and other 3D rendering software is an advantage;
    • Good command of English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

For simplicity, let’s say we 'do' environmental graphics and signage. Except we just don’t do it like anyone else. We pioneered this industry in Hong Kong and China and we continue to innovate and to lead the industry.

Wherever people and buildings meet, that’s where we work. From theme-parks and streetscaping, to cruise terminals, to mixed-use developments and hotels, we have worked on just about every kind of building form. [Some of our real-world projects]

Our work and our experience is 'limited' to Asia, with the majority of our work throughout all the major cities of China.

We are now probably the largest design firm of our kind in the world. We work with the world's leading architects on some of the largest projects in Asia for some of the most prestigious clients in the region.

We have a lot of very skilled people, but if you need anything right now contact us - Our Business Development Team will make sure you have everything you need when you need it.