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With strong business growth, Graphia has expanded from originally one floor to now two floors in the same building.
The official description is that we 'do' environmental graphics. That starts with wayfinding and signage, then goes on to other more exciting 2-D and 3-D designs.
Let's start with the basics. We design wayfinding systems; for theme parks, for retail malls, for office complexes, residential, hotels...we design fun and funky (and sometimes cool and corporate) signage that helps people know where they are and gets them to where they want to go. And, of course, makes the buildings look super-cool.
That gets people from A to B, but we do MUCH MORE – we want them to have fun along the way. Our work is not about making signs but about creating experiences. So we look at how people move through different buildings; we look at how we make that journey more interesting, more entertaining, or more comfortable. Can we spice up drab walls with images, can we make long corridors more attractive with sculptures, can we make waiting for elevators more entertaining with interactive electronics? We want to improve the experience for consumers, and we have soooo many ideas how to do this, using images, interactivity, lighting, sculptures, arty stuff, wild and weird stuff. This is what brings your building to life and makes the 'being there' such a unique experience.

For simplicity, let’s say we 'do' environmental graphics and signage. Except we just don’t do it like anyone else. We pioneered this industry in Hong Kong and China and we continue to innovate and to lead the industry.

Wherever people and buildings meet, that’s where we work. From theme-parks and streetscaping, to cruise terminals, to mixed-use developments and hotels, we have worked on just about every kind of building form. [Some of our real-world projects]

Our work and our experience is 'limited' to Asia, with the majority of our work throughout all the major cities of China.

We are now probably the largest design firm of our kind in the world. We work with the world's leading architects on some of the largest projects in Asia for some of the most prestigious clients in the region.

We have a lot of very skilled people, but if you need anything right now contact us - Our Business Development Team will make sure you have everything you need when you need it.