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With strong business growth, Graphia has expanded from originally one floor to now two floors in the same building.
It's business as usual in the studio.
The music videos are running when we're not using the screens
for design reviews and the greasy-spoon cafe is...a greasy-spoon cafe
when we're not using it for design reviews.
We used to hang fruit from the ceiling every
Monday, but then we ran out of
space and patience so now we put
the fruit in a bowl every Monday instead.
We used to have birthday parties
on peoples' birthdays...quirky....
but then we got too many people,
too many birthdays.
Now we have one Grand Birthday
Party at the end of each month.
Everyone thinks the big picture of Bob Dylan is Dave
when he was young, but he was much older then.
And the big picture of Lauren Bacall is a big
beautiful picture of Lauren Bacall.
Periodically we load up a bus with new staff and send
them to a factory in China for the day. It gives them a
feeling for how their jobs are actually built. And it
gives them a day out in sunny China par la Mer.

We don't have the luxury of space that designers in,
say, London or New York have. So we complain a lot.