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With strong business growth, Graphia has expanded from originally one floor to now two floors in the same building.
YOU ARE HERE. I saw this sign (I really did) taped on a column in a Hong Kong shopping centre. It said "You are here". My first thought was "I know that". My second thought was to consider what exactly was meant by "here". Sometimes I think I think too much.


In a meeting recently the client was concerned that our external signs would be blocked by the landscape designer's trees and so they asked us to draw a section to show the signs in relation to the trees.

It was a bizarre conversation: "Sure, we can do a section. How tall are your trees?" "Don't know, we haven't chosen them yet." Pause. "OK, how big will the canopies be?" "Don't know, we haven't decided yet." "Then how can we draw a section?" "You're the expert - sort it out"

I'm still undecided whether to put this in Philosopheek or Nonesense. There used to be an old man in Sai Kung old market who made things out of tin. He had a tiny whole-in-the-wall and he made tin boxes, letter-boxes, buckets. He was about 147 years old. He died last year (2016), and another craft closes on extinction. I was in his shop once, admiring his work.
When he said HK$20, I thought it a monumental good deal and I bought the bucket. What a fine piece of hand-crafted metalwork, I thought, and what a steal at HK$20. The other day, one of my staff demanded a 50% pay increase simply because she felt she was working hard and she deserved it. I thought of this old man. He probably spent several years learning his craft and then at least another fifty perfecting it. His bucket probably took him at least an hour if not more to make, and there was probably HK$5 worth of metal in it. So for all those years of learning and perfecting, and an hour or so of labour, he received HK15. Back to my young and hopeful staff member, if I apply her logic the old man should have charged HK$2,000 for his bucket, and I for one would think that fair. But I wouldn't have bought the bucket."How much for this bucket?" I asked.